I am having a drawing for a free quilt for the months of April and May! I call it “Uber-Eazy” because, face it, I couldn’t have made a more simple quilt. The Scalloping on the edges is what make it so pretty. The finished quilt is “55 x 70”. I backed it with “Minkie” which is really “Cuddle 3” by Shannon Fabrics, Inc. I like to use the plain flat minkie because it really shows the quilting in a relief form. It’s also softer than anything! For the quilt top’s fabric I used Riley Blake Designs’ “Ivy Trellis” by Gabriella Hunter in teal. It was quilted using Anne Brights’ new design from April called “Tristin”. The approximate value of this quilt is $185.00.

The winner will be chosen from the invoices (or quilts done) during April and May. For a Instructions on making this “Uber-Eazy” quilt yourself go to Tutorials


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“Back in the Saddle”

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to keep up with my Blog. Well, it’s May and I’m finally getting “Back in the Saddle” again. Iguess I’m mostly afraid of doing this because I’m not really much of a writer, and the thought of having anyone read this is more than a little frightening. So, excuses aside, Here’s what I’ve been up to.Mary Cowan, of “Mary’s Cottage Quilts” brought me a quilt last year that I fell in love with. It’s called “Boston Creme Pie”. We struck a deal where she pieced it and I did the quilting. It’s been touring around the U.S. with her “Trunk Show” for the last 6 months. Now it will reside on my wall in the shop forever! I keep looking and it while I quilt and it makes me so happy to see it there.

I used Anne Bright’s “Wonderland” design set to quilt the blocks and borders.

Well, it’s taken me 2 hours to do this much, so hopefully I’ll get faster.  I actually have a lot to write, but I’m so incredibly slow!  Stay Tuned for more!
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In The Beginning…

In September of 2003 I wanted to have one of my first quilts quilted professionally. I found out that it would cost around $75.00 to have it done. Being a person who likes to figure out how to do it myself instead of paying someone else to do it, I started looking around at the different longarm quilting systems. I was very impressed with the HQSixteen(it cost a lot more than the quilt, but when you’re trying to ‘save money’ what are a couple of 0’s???) I also liked the Gammill Classic Plus, but I wasn’t going to be greedy. I went to my husband, and trying to show him what a great deal the HQSixteen was, compared it to the cost of the Gammill. My poor husband, thinking that both longarms sounded ridiculously out of our budget, uttered the words that I think he has regretted many times over, “well, if you’re going to buy anything you might as well get what you really want.” I KNOW he was being completely sarcastic, but I took him at his word. I figured out how to get a loan and bought my first longarm, a Gammill Classic Plus with a wonderful 12′ table, hydraulics, lots of thread and patterns and for my $75.00 quilt. I have since bought two more longarms, these being the Statler Stitchers (which have revolutionized my life) and have kicked my poor sweet husband out of our 3-car garage so I could turn it into my quilting studio/shop! I won’t even tell you how much more I’ve now spent on quilting, but suffice to say, I am a true quilting junky. I now quilt full-time from my home and enjoy every quilt I do. You might ask if I get all my own quilts done. The answer is “of course I don’t” they are always the last to be done, but I try to get at least 5 or 6 quilts done each year. My family enjoys all the quilts that they have received since that fateful day my husband unwittingly opened the door to the biggest venture of my life.

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