“Back in the Saddle”

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to keep up with my Blog. Well, it’s May and I’m finally getting “Back in the Saddle” again. Iguess I’m mostly afraid of doing this because I’m not really much of a writer, and the thought of having anyone read this is more than a little frightening. So, excuses aside, Here’s what I’ve been up to.Mary Cowan, of “Mary’s Cottage Quilts” brought me a quilt last year that I fell in love with. It’s called “Boston Creme Pie”. We struck a deal where she pieced it and I did the quilting. It’s been touring around the U.S. with her “Trunk Show” for the last 6 months. Now it will reside on my wall in the shop forever! I keep looking and it while I quilt and it makes me so happy to see it there.

I used Anne Bright’s “Wonderland” design set to quilt the blocks and borders.

Well, it’s taken me 2 hours to do this much, so hopefully I’ll get faster.  I actually have a lot to write, but I’m so incredibly slow!  Stay Tuned for more!
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