The Tuscany Collection: The Ultimate Quilt Batting

The new Tuscany Collection of premium quilt battings includes a brand new SILK batting, wool, polyester, bleached cotton and unbleached cotton. All Tuscany bagged batting is flat folded which means fewer wrinkles and less compression. This new collection made quite an impression at Quilt Market!

.38/inch – Tuscany Silk quilt batting is made from a very fine, pure imported silk. It is then carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding (fiber migration) allowing the batting to be handled like a blanket. It can be quilted up to 4″ apart, hand washed in tepid water and laid out flat to dry. It will likely shrink approximately 5%. Silk being a natural fiber, the batting will breathe and will quilt magnificently by hand or machine!

.38/inch – Tuscany Wool batting is made with the very best super-wash wool which eliminates most or all of the shrinkage. It is then carded and resin bonded to help retard bearding. Tuscany wool batting provides superb insulation and the fiber breathes allowing excess heat to dispense away from the body. it can be quilted up to 4″ apart and is hand washable in tepid water, laying out flat to dry. Tuscany wool hand quilts like a dream and is wonderful for machine quilters too!

.25/inch – Bleached Cotton with Scrim is made with fine 100% USA cotton. It’s carded and specially needle-punched to prevent bunching or shifting and is completely washable. It will shrink 3-5% like all needle-punched 100% cotton batting. (You may experience less shrinkage if you wash finished quilt in cold water and lay it flat to dry.) It can be quilted up to 4″ apart. Bleached cotton should be used with light or white fabrics to eliminate the shading of natural or dark colored battings.

.18/inch – Hobbs 80/20 is 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester. This batting is perfect for baby quilts and high traffic quilts. It is less expensive, but remember is still shrinks just like cotton.

.22/inch – Hobbs 80/20 King is 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester and 120″ Long.