My “Block-a-Palooza” quilt

Bloggers’ Block-a-Palooza Quilt

Last year, I bought a fabric kit from Material Girls to do the Bloggers’ Block-a-palooza Quilt Along.  I loved the fabric and it sounded like a lot of fun!  I went to each of the blogs and printed the instructions for each of the 16 blocks.  I was surprised at how much paper it took, then I cut each of the block’s fabrics and put the instructions and the fabric for each individual block in a sheet protector.  It seemed like I was whizzing along…but as I soon discovered, it was pretty hard to follow directions written by 16 different people.  Some of my blocks turned out perfectly, others, not-so-much!  It really bothers me when my triangles have their corners cut off, yet with some of the instructions, even though I unpicked and re-sewed several times, the results were the same.  I can only think that much of the problem was faulty instructions (I can see some people rolling their eyes at me).  Anyhow, to make a long story short, (because this quilt really was a “long story”), I made 12 of the blocks before I crumpled in the mire that was instruction mayhem and gave up.  My friend Sue rescued me with her positive attitude and took over the project, finishing the final blocks, sashing and borders!  I LOVE YOU SUE!!  This is the result.  The quilt sits in a place of honor in front of my computer.  I quilted it really dense using Anne Bright’s “Wildflower” design.

Wildflower edge to edge design from Anne Bright

Eagle Mountain Quilting SALE

During the months of January, February, and March, we had the Bring 2 quilts & Get 15% off the quilting sale…

I want to try something new,  During April, for every quilt you have quilted, you will get 5% off of a quilt during the month of June…So, if you’re confused…  If you have 5 quilts done during April you can have 25% off of one quilt during June or 5% off of 5 quilts or, 20% off one quilt and 5% off 1 quilt etc… I hope that I have not confused you! Call or ask me at the shops if you don’t under stand.

(BTW, I don’t do sales for out of state quilts…so sorry…because I give them free shipping for orders over $50.00.  This is new too.  I use to do free shipping period, except that it has occured that I have ended up making nothing for a quilt becuase shipping took up all the income.  So, I think with a $50.00 or over order I should be safe from doing that to myself.  Also, if an out-of-state customer asks, I will do the sale for them, if they pay for return shipping, so they can choose which ever deal is best for them.)


We will have a drawing for a “QuiltsMart” Smart Bag.  The winner will be drawn from the people who make comments on the blog…and yes, I’m going to be better at blogging!

This cute bag is great for toys and small books, lunches, hand sewing, etc….

I gave these to all my nieces and nephews for christmas and my sisters filled them up with goodies for each of the kids.  It was a real hit!

I hope you win!

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