Before You Begin

Use Our Order Form:

To use the form, you will need a recent version of Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free. Our new Work Order is an interactive PDF which you can type in, save, and e-mail.

  • You must complete a new form for each quilt you send to us.
  • Please download the form and save it with a unique name for each quilt.
  • For information about each form field, hover over the blank with your mouse.
  • Once you have completed the form, please save and/or print a copy for your records.
  • Please e-mail the completed form to [email protected]
  • Include a printed copy of your form with your quilt.

Quilt Preparation:

Proper quilt preparation will save us time and you money. By following the preparation steps below you can avoid time delays and “add-on charges.”

  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.
  • If you pre-wash your fabrics, it is best to pre-wash all of them.
  • Clip all loose threads from back and front of quilt top.
  • Square up backing fabric, or we will have to charge you to do it.
  • Your backing and batting must be a minimum of 4” larger than your quilt top on all four sides.
  • Do not baste, pin or tack your quilt together. Just fold each piece separately.
  • When seaming your backing, be sure to remove all salvages.
  • Be aware that fullness and puckers, which have been pieced in, cannot be quilted out.

Border Tips:

  • Avoid handling your quilt by the borders once they have been attached. This can stretch them and cause them to become loose and wavy.
  • Straight borders cut from the length of the grain, (parallel to the salvage) lay much flatter than those cut cross-grained.

Add-on charges: If your quilt requires preparation upon its arrival, the following charges will apply. (You will be notified immediately via email.)

  • Squaring backing: $15.00
  • Pressing: $15.00
  • Piecing backing: $15.00